Risk Assessment and Policy



Churchill Fraud Solutions has been up and running for some two years. It is a forward thinking and vibrant company which has identified the necessary ingredients required in the fight to combat fraud money laundering and corruption.

The Company can provide a Total Fraud Solution for all companies or organisations with a fraud problem, whatever its size or make-up. From the investigation of internal theft to the counterfeiting of products, we can assist in identifying and investigating all such criminality, corrupt practices and money laundering offences. We can provide the most appropriate package to assist a client as well as comprehensive training on current legislation and practice focused on individual requirements.

No-one thinks they will ever be the victim of a fraud.

The Government said ‘Last year … fraud cost this country over £40 billion.’

KPMG say ‘fraud and misconduct can significantly effect an organisation's reputation, bank balance and share price and even threaten its very existence’

If you haven’t considered the likely implications of fraud or other financial crime on your business or the possibility of it, it might be time to review your approach and ensure suitable processes and policies are in place. Even if you have been a victim of financial crime it is never too late to prevent further losses, even after the event.

Not everyone has the skills and abilities to investigate fraud, corruption or money laundering. These matters are complex and need a professional approach. We have the right balance of expertise and skill to ensure your risks are identified and losses minimised.

Should your organisation be exposed to loss we can gather relevant intelligence and evidence for you to make a valued judgment as to the best way forward. All organisations should have a positive approach to fighting and preventing financial crime.

We can identify your specific training needs and ensure your staff are fully trained in the areas that are important for you and your business.

To do this we have introduced a Total Fraud Solution Package available for all organizations. You can dip in and out of the process and identify any part of the package that you require at any given time.